Mercedes Williamson

Mercedes Williamson

Mercedes Williamson

Restaurant Manager

Get to know Mercedes!

From: A small tourist mecca along the lake shore.

Brief background of previous work experience: Dove headfirst into the world of food and beverage at 15 serving pancakes and pizza and hasn’t looked back since. Was part the opening team for The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck which ignited a passion for all things food at her tenure there. She's continued this passion over the past two years as part of the team.

Brief personal life:
Met her (now) husband while working at The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck and when not eating great food or drinking creative cocktails, finds herself busy chasing after their twin toddlers.

Best food ever tasted and where it was from: Ceviche—Marmalade: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Favorite thing on our menu: Cassoulet— duck and lamb all in one dish- what could be better than that?

Best vacation ever taken: Puerto Rico 2016- Went during the Zika scare and hurricane season— somehow made it out unscathed and full of memories.

Beverage of choice: Classic G&T- Hendricks preferably.

Likes to do for fun: Naps are highly cherished, but is most comfortable at home in the quiet with a good book and dog in her lap.

Best piece of advice ever given: “Everybody, everywhere, all the time is doing their best….their version of that might not match your standards, your version may not match theirs, but we are all in this world trying to do our

Advice you would give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars: Perseverance is paramount. Like any industry or facet of life there are highs and lows in the world of hospitality. There are
tremendous challenges and parallel to that there are unfathomable
rewards. Taking both in stride provides recognition by those
helping you along the way but more importantly, it instills a
tremendous amount of pride and accomplishment for yourself.

If she were a superhero, her superpower would be: overall: omnilingualism- being able to speak and understand any language.