Caprice Mikel

Caprice Mikel

Caprice Mikel

Chef de Cuisine

Get to know Caprice!

From: Illinois, outside of Chicago.

Brief background of previous work experience: Joined the hospitality industry at age 16 as a busser/barback, jumped to the garde manager station and has been cooking ever since. Was Sous Chef of Il Vesco Vino, then head chef at Brasa Rotisserie where he became known for his passion for locally sourced ingredients and organically prepared food. Was also a Chef consultant working with different organizations on new restaurant developments, specializing in employee training and creating chef driven seasonal menu concepts.

Brief personal life: Has a beautiful family and loves being a father. Loves outdoor activities in the winter, fishing and hiking in the summer. Feels his kids keep him feeling youthful and focused on the future.

Best food ever tasted and where it was from: Duck A L Orange from Cafe Boulud in New York. It was delicious.

Favorite thing on our menu: The Steak Frites or Tartare.

Best vacation ever taken: Kenora Canada with my family.

Beverage of choice: Blood Orange San Pellegrino.

Likes to do for fun: Spending time with his kids or gardening.

Best piece of advice ever given:
To just be yourself and never let anyone change you. Your heart is made of gold, don't let it lose that shine.

Advice you would give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars: Come ready to listen, learn, and contribute. The sky is the limit to how successful you can be here, you just have to want that success and be willing to work for it.

If he were a superhero, his superpower would be: To touch people with the power of reason and compassion.