Alessandro Guerrazzi

Allessandro G

Alessandro Guerrazzi

Chef de Cuisine

Get to know Alessandro!

From: Italy.

Brief background of previous work experience: Was the Executive chef at the Hard Rock Café in Rome, Italy, returned to the USA and took over the kitchen at Notos Italian Restaurant here in Grand Rapids.

Brief personal life: Married to wife Kristen for 26 years and has two children, Andrea, 25, and Gabriella, 20. Attended the Culinary Academy in Italy and 2 years of Restaurant and Culinary program in California SBCC Santa Barbara. Is an animal lover with 4 cats back home in Italy and is part of the Humane Society in Rome.

Best food ever tasted and where it was from: Loves South American Cuisine and Thai.

Favorite thing on our menu: Niçoise Salad and Peppercorn Filet Au Poivre.

Best vacation ever taken: Couldn't choose just one. Has seen many places around the world they were all best VACATIONS!

Beverage of choice: Wine, especially from the Chianti Region, Italy.

Likes to do for fun: Entertaining at home, family and friends, going to the Stadium (in Italy) and watching professional soccer games. Also likes movies, music and traveling with family.

Best piece of advice ever given:
Learn with your EYES.

Advice you would give a candidate who wants to join our team of superstars: Be always humble and always HUNGRY to learn and push yourself to the extreme's Culinary goals!

If he were a superhero, his superpower would be: Zorro. He always fought for justice and help the less fortunate!